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X-Leap is a human-centered design and management firm. It works to build up core organizational health for organizations so that they can achieve higher impact. It does this by focusing on streamlining aspects like strategy, capability building, human resources, digital transformation, finance, and more. 

X-Leap is pleased to partner with VMerge and offers core strategy services for Scandinavian and European enterprises, including exploring the mighty Indian market.

Thar Ventures

Thar Ventures specializes in providing comprehensive financial advisory services that range from providing extensive research and execution capabilities to financial research and planning for corporate as well as institutional investors. 

Soccer City

One of the premier private residential football academies in Germany, Soccer City is our football partner in grassroots talent development. They work closely with our flagship football brand ‘German Football Academy’ in identifying talented youth and nurturing them to blossom into skilled footballers.

Craft Coffee

An experiential coffee brand who are revolutionizing the specialty coffee space across the country.

Solid Inspire

SOLiD Inspire has the vision to enable enterprises to achieve the digital state by providing a business orchestrator platform that bridges the gap between strategy and execution. 

Our Partners

“Let’s hit our goals together.” - words we live by  

We put our intellect to work by moving together towards progress. That’s it. That's what we do.

How do we do it? Get in touch with us to find out!

 Let's grab a brew and talk expansion

 Let's grab a brew and talk expansion

 Let's grab a brew and talk expansion

 Let's grab a brew and talk expansion

 Let's grab a brew and talk expansion

 Let's grab a brew and talk expansion 

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